“You Don’t Eat Meat??”

Getting asked the question “What do YOU eat” is a common question I get asked from my family, friends, and clients. So I thought, why not share a “day in the life” of what Steph aka Trail Mix for the Sole eats. As many of you know, I follow a vegetarian, plant-based diet and I enjoy telling my meat-loving friends how I meet my protein needs and feel full with my meals with no meat included! So let’s jump right in shall we?


I’m a huge breakfast fan and typically prefer sweet over savory breakfast options. However, now that I’m upping my mileage for my upcoming marathon I’ve been throwing eggs into the rotation more often. During the week I’m all about prepping the night or a few days before for a quick and easy on the go breakfast to take to work. Right now, smoothies, overnight oats, yogurt and fruit bowls or chia pudding are my favorites. They keep me full until just about lunch time and I pack them with nutritional goodies! I commonly add flaxseed, chia seeds, and hemp seeds to my breakfast for their powerhouse health benefits.

—> Chia seeds: Excellent source of omega-3 fatty acids, good source of iron, calcium, and fiber

—> Flax seeds: Another great source of omega-3 fatty acids, fiber, lignans, and can help reduce cholesterol. Just remember to consume ground flaxseed in order for your body to reap all the health benefits!

—> Hemp seeds: Great plant-based protein source and rich in healthy fats!


This Smoothie has been on repeat lately! Blueberry & banana smoothie ( 1 banana, 1/2 cup blueberries, 2 scoops vanilla protein powder, 1 Tbsp chia seeds, 1/2 cup almond milk, nut butter, 1/4 cup riced cauliflower, turmeric and cinnamon)

Yogurt bowl is another favorite of mine! I usually will use Siggi’s, or Trader Joe’s Greek Yogurt, top with a banana + berries, granola, nut butter, and coconut flakes


Chia pudding I have been growing to love! I add 2 Tbsp chia seeds + 1/2 cup almond milk and mix together until combined. I then add 1-2 scoops protein powder, 1/2 tsp cacao powder and top with fresh fruit and almond butter!


Trail Mix for the Sole takeaways: Incorporate healthy fats, complex carbohydrates, fruit, and protein to keep you full longer than 1 hour!

Supplements: I also will take supplements/vitamins in the morning, too! I will take a daily probiotic (awesome for good gut health and keeping everything regulated), vitamin D (good for our bones–especially for us gals!), and vitamin B12 (being a vegetarian, I don’t get a lot of B12 in my diet with the exception of nutritional yeast. B12 is important for healthy nerve and blood cells. It can also protect against megaloblastic anemia)



I’m all about prepping something for the week so that I don’t have to worry about what to prep the night before—especially when my weeks are busy, busy! I’m all about making power-bowls, zoodle bowls, or bringing dinner left-overs. I tend to go a little bit higher on my carbohydrates because that is what helps me fuel my workouts and gives me the best results from an energy standpoint. I’ll tend to pair fresh fruit or cottage cheese with my lunches, too.

Last week, I enjoyed a power bowl made with tri-colored quinoa, grilled sweet potato, roasted broccoli and cauliflower, kale, buffalo seasoned tofu, and a homemade dressing!



Boy can I tell I’m running more miles because I’m getting hangry more often and my body is needing more snacks during the day! I try to up my calories by 500-600 calories/day when my training is at it’s peak to prevent any injuries, help my body recover and keep up with my training schedule. I’ve been snacking a lot on my own energy bites, protein bars, or trail-mix. I’ve been loving RX bars, Square Organic Bars or Zing bars, too.  A piece of fresh fruit with cottage cheese, or hard boiled eggs are another favorite. When I’m picking my snacks I want something with around 15-20 grams of protein and more simple carbohydrates (easier for my body to break down before a workout).

Pictured below are my homemade blueberry & vanilla hemp seed protein bars! They are hitting the hunger spot.



My dinners have been all over the place in terms of what I’ve been eating/craving. I typically will make zoodles, buddha bowls, pasta using lentil noodles or stir-fry! Last week, I doctored up some toast because I was too hungry and tired after my run to make much else! Dinner’s don’t have to be complicated or fancy all the time. My protein sources for dinner will be: crispy chickpeas, eggs, tempeh, tofu, soy chorizo, or cottage cheese!

Pictured below is pesto zoodles with vegetarian italian sausage, red peppers, mushrooms and balsamic drizzle. Not pictured is a piece of my homemade sourdough bread!


Sweet Tooth:

I’ve been having dark chocolate and peanut butter fat bombs (recipe posted in dessert section!), creamy coconut bars from Outshine (so so good if you like coconut!), or a spoonful of nut butter with dark chocolate chips 🙂

As you can see, not all foods I eat are instagram pretty, but I wanted to give you a glimpse of what I eat and how I fuel my body. I do have a sweet tooth so as you can see I satisfy that craving when it strikes. Have questions/comments? Send my way!


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